Greenhouse And Irrigation Technology In Nigeria

A greenhouse may be used for many purposes throughout a year. You may produce vegetable crops, grow vegetable transplants for vegetable producers, produce ornamentals, and flower production. Many greenhouse operators have very little time when a crop is not being produced. This helps with their cash flow as they can sell almost year-around... Jamb runs 

Because the greenhouse is a totally enclosed structure, you control the application of water, temperature, and the ventilation. There are several methods of greenhouse production but many greenhouses produce crops traditionally produced in the soil by using nursery bag where the crops are produced. This makes production somewhat easier because the crops are off the ground and bending over is not required... Macronwill

The advantages of greenhouse farming

Extend the growing season

When you develop your own greenhouse, your plants will no longer depend on weather conditions or patterns. Any gardener would be pleased to know that they can continue to grow the vegetables and herbs they need, without worrying about the weather. The seeds you plan can take root and thrive in the greenhouse even if in normal conditions, planted directly in the garden they would not manage to survive.

The advantage of owning a greenhouse is that you can use different techniques to keep a stable temperature. In this way, you will be able to cause less stress for the plants. Furthermore, you will also promote strong growth earlier in the year. One of these techniques consists in thermal solar mass. Therefore, you can use natural materials which can absorb, store and then release thermal heat. Furthermore, you could also implement the use of heating fans and human-made heaters... 2022 JAMB Expo Whatsapp Group Link